The World is Ending Tomorrow So I Will Eat All The Cookies

You may remember, during Superstorm Sandy, I broke out the Kitchen Aid mixer a few times to elevate the mood and the blood sugar of our refugees/guests. Me, myself, I? Not such a big sweet tooth. But the same way I have to remember just because I don’t like drinking still water, doesn’t mean plants don’t, I try to remember other people like sweets.

First I made gingerbread, and it was disgusting. WTF molasses? I uncharacteristically followed a recipe, and they tasted like burnt ass. Next time: no recipe. I can work it out on my own without wasting half a pound of butter and making my eyes water when I bit into the little guys.

In my grief about my Gingerbread men (they were going to be Gingerbread Pirates too!) with the Kitchen Aid sitting embarrassed on the counter top, I realized, damn it, I’m creating something edible tonight.

I give you: Melting Moments.

DSC_0053 - Copy

I have mentioned the great Edmonds Cookbook before. It’s over 100 years old, has recipes for tongue and aspic, acid drops and three ingredient dinners. Fancy it is not. It does however, nestle a gold mine of simple, amaamamamzing cookie recipes.


The trick to these is using confectioners sugar and cornflour. They literally dissolve in your mouth. I filled them with a butter cream filling tinted with both lemon and (probably) carcinogenic food coloring. Normally a plain colored filling or jam will suffice. That pink looks a little like Pepto Dismal to me though. The second batch I used plain filling, but they are not as festive.


While listening to NPR this week, I heard a New York Times food editor speak about the merits of King Aurthur Flour. I thought “Where am I going to find that?” Apparently, in my pantry. I bought this for my Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie without knowing it’s glowing endorsement. Truthfully, I just liked the packaging.


Shattering the myth I am perfect, these don’t look like they normally do. I think I mixed up the baking powder and the baking soda. I thought they were the same thing, but I COULD be wrong.

Here’s the recipe y’all:

200 grams butter
3/4 Cup of icing sugar (Confectioners sugar)
1 Cup Cornflour
1 Cup regular flour
1/2 teaspoon baking POWDER.

Cream butter and sugar. Add sifted ingredients. Roll into small balls, (I actually measured mine, they were all around 13 grams). Press lightly on the top with a fork. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.

I think I’ll try them again, and see if I can get them to look right. In the meantime, eat with your eyes.

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