The Happiest Place On Earth. No, Not the One with The Mouse.

Having never been to Disneyland, and having no real intention to do so, I found a magic kingdom all of my own. NYC’s ABC Carpet & Home. Den of shiny, expensive things like $16,000 chandeliers,  $450 cushions and $300 tea cups. So, no I don’t actually buy anything there but it doesn’t stop me wandering, Alice-like in its magnificent, glittering, shit-made-for-rich-people fathoms.

Except at Christmas time, when they actually stock wares under a million dollars. Tree decorations!
It’s an excellent cheat way to give a hostess or holiday gift wrapped in the accoutrements of a luxury store but without leaving you eating ramen noodles for a week.

If you’re planning on visiting NYC, ABC is like FAO Schwartz for grown ups.
If you live here and have never been, you’re dead to me. You can only make it up to me by taking me to Jean Georges ABC Kitchen. I know a really good trick to getting a seat which I may share with you for future dining experiences.

Look! A slide show! (Caveat: These pics were unfortunately taken with my phone because I felt like a grubby street-urchin hiding around corners trying to snap all the shiny, lovely things. My hubris does not yet extend to blatantly taking pics with a telephoto lens in such hallowed halls.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You may think that $10 is a little much for a glitter reindeer, but by comparison to everything else in store you’ll feel like you’re getting it for free!

Buy your hostess a magic mushroom this holiday party!

Who doesn’t need “Glitter Glass”?

I would put all these in the same room too. Mariah Carey Style.

Any other devotees out there and whaddya buy? I’ll live vicariously, I’m not proud. Do tell.

3 thoughts on “The Happiest Place On Earth. No, Not the One with The Mouse.

  1. Haha, I too love walking around and “mentally shopping” in stores way above my price range. Furniture is my favorite. Treating my butt to pleasures meant for only the richest of asses!


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