I Still Glove You

Dry, scaly legs. Brittle hair. Chapped lips. Yah! Fall/Winter is here.
As much as I love the seasons that give you Thanksgiving, Christmas and National Bath Safety Month, winter can get emotionally, physically and sartorially dreary. At some point the layering gets annoying, hats do cruel things to hair, and footwear slides down an icy slope toward practicality over style.

We gotta fancy it up however we can!
Here’s what I’ll be doing. (JK I don’t have $600 for socks).

Rings over gloves!

Sequin Socks!

Turbans for hats!

Fox stole AND a turban!
(Only if you’re at least 100 years old and wore it all originally)

Jewels ON your gloves!

Glitter lipstick!

And obvi these!

What will you do to save yourself from SAD (Seasonal Apathetic Dressing)?

Club Monaco driving gloves.

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