Mixing Gold + Silver, Signs of The Apocalypse

Historically, I have been a purist in the matter of mixing metals when adorning my body. It’s either all silver or all gold, all the time. But the possible impending apocalypse is merely days away (December 21st to be precise, don’t bother buying Christmas presents this year until December 22nd people) and obviously this is the latest sign of it’s imminent arrival. Gold and silver, worn together. With rhinestones. And ear cuffs.

Fire and brimstone. Dogs and cats, living together, people.

Once upon a time I thought I was a bad ass and I had an industrial piercing: (not my ear)

but I took it out for an interview and could never get it back in.
That was my only dalliance with body modification but if I was considerably younger, thinner, singler, showoff-ier, really-believing-in-the-Mayan prophesy-ier,  I would do this: Corset piercing.

Ok, so I probably wouldn’t but I like to think I would. In the meantime I will channel my inner bad ass and wear my ear cuff. So tough. So, so tough.

What fashion no-no’s, body piercings, facial tattoos will you be doing/getting as the end of the world approaches? Do tell.

Corset piercing pic Tumblr. Check out some of the others, it’s pretty amazing.

All jewels H&M. What can I say, I’m cheap.

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