Feeling Kinda Frida

Spot the difference!*

Because Frida Khalo was a sartorial bad-ass and I wanna piece of that.

Maybe it’s because I’m closer to Mexico than usual.
Maybe it’s because we’re coming up on Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).
Maybe because I’m piggybacking on a stay at a very fancy SoCal hotel and everyone else is wearing awful golf-shirts, but I am feeling me some Frida braids and my skull T.

See also for Revlon’s Fire and Ice.

See also for loud pants.

There’s some really nice flowers on this here fancy property, maybe I’ll go hit up the bar, wait until dark and steal flowers to put in my hair. Stay tuned, if that happens, I promise to share.

Viva Frida.


And finally, here’s C3PO as imagined by Digital Bus Stop in Day of the Dead regalia. Fuck yeah!

*Did you spot the difference? No, well you’d be forgiven. It’s just a necklace.

Frida Photo Credit
Day of the Dead Photo Credit


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