Galette Two Ways: Zucchini or Potato?

We’re heading to California for 10 days (don’t come and rob us please) and there are still a few beautiful veggies in the fridge. I also have a shiny new “organic” non-stick frying pan I can’t get enough of. So how do I combine these two? Galettes!

If you’ve never made a Galette it’s just a fancy French word for cakey things. So you’re essentially making something round. It’s easier than you think. Here’s an abridged version of how I made it:

With my trusty mandolin I sliced a peeled potato paper-thin.

In my new pan I added olive oil, and then (even though it was hot) layered the slices of potato around the pan. (Pictures are using the Zucchini, but you get the idea.) (Why do I keep wanting to capitalize Zucchini?)

In between the layers I added a little salt and some finely grated Parmesan cheese. You’ll need to flip it when the bottom is golden. You know, the color before burnt.
Here’s the potato version. You can top it with whatever you’re jonesing for. I was emptying the fridge.

I caramelized some red onions with a little honey, salt and pepper until they had cooked down and were getting good and sticky. This can take a little bit of time and love.

Then quickly blistered cherry tomatoes in the non stick pan.

Then topped the Galette.

The zucchini won’t hold up as well as potato if you use the mandolin, so here I added a layer of potato on the bottom to sturdy it up. If you want to go low-carb though, slice the zucchini a little thicker. Or just accept it’ll be floppier.

Obviously you can easily make it vegan by leaving off the cheese. Can be made ahead of time and served as individual appetizers. We ate them standing up at the counter guzzling wine. Either way.

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