Eyelash Extensions: A Gateway Procedure?

If only I had known this morning eyelash extensions are just the first step on the slippery silicon slope down into plastic surgery addiction. Now it’s too late, I’m hooked.

But not like this guy:

Wowsa, and I feel bad about gluing some shit on my eyelashes.

Look Ma! No make-up!

I’ve scared many a person with my escaped fake eyelashes so I decided fuck it, I’m getting ’em glued on for realz.

I don’t think eyelash extensions mean tomorrow I am gonna want butt implants. But I’ll keep you posted.


Thanks WinkNYC!


2 thoughts on “Eyelash Extensions: A Gateway Procedure?

    • Also with Latisse, if you are light-eyed there is the risk of iris discoloration, which scares me!
      I am officially an addict now though. I had a small “fill” after two weeks using a different glue and they are wearing amazingly well.

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