Cauliflower is the New Wagyu. Cauliflower Steaks+ Red Pepper and Almond Puree

Cauliflower has clambered up the trendy-veggie ladder and is deliciously roasted, puréed or “steaked” almost everywhere you look.

Cauliflower steaks are biiiiig in my house. I confess I first got the idea from Jean-Georges  at ABC Kitchen. His roast cauliflower, while sublime, must utilize handfuls of butter, duck fat, olive oil, pig fat etc.

Mine, a little more modest.

Cauliflower has the density and chewiness a meat-free dish needs, but cauli also acts as the perfect conduit for flavors. Think of it like a blank canvas. The alternative to potatoes.

Tonight I made a basic Cauli Steak.

Slice 2-inch-thick slices

Salt ‘n’ pepper

Good hot olive oil

Medium heat

Golden brown, texture like sun.

A little caramelization in a well seasoned, cast-iron skillet then finished in a 400 degree oven until just knife tender. I threw in some pine nuts too. And yeah, I burned some of them.

My Uncle-in-Law grew some pretty gorgeous peppers this summer. Some are thermonuclear spicy, and some are milder. Last week we made a roasted red pepper puree and tossed it in the fridge. Equally as good though, in lieu of toiling in your uncles garden and then crying while peeling peppers is a good jar from the pantry.

Toast almonds:

Use your invaluable Immersion Blender to puree up the peppers, almonds, lemon juice, salt, pepper and a little good olive oil.

Taste it. Do you want garlic? Or other herbs? More salt? Do you want heat? Or a little honey for sweetness? Remember, this is your sauce, so make it for your palate.

So, now pretend your cauliflower is a steak. What does it need? HP sauce? Grilled asparagus? Brussels sprouts? Pig fat?

How do you “steak up” your veggies? Let me know!

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