5 Hideous Things I Pray Never Come Back (?) in Fashion *updated*

Wedge Flip Flops

These puppies are top of my list. It’s not simply their aesthetic hideousness, which is pressing. It’s more the basic physics of a heel and a thong combining to force the toes to snaggle over the end.

Also a fave with brides who get sore feet. You know what? You spend $5K on your dress, suck it up and wear the shoes for another hour. Putting these on your bridal feet is like going to the Oscars in couture and rain boots.

Velour Tracksuits with High Heels

Anything popularized by Paris Hilton should make you stop and think “Is this the best me I can be?”

Thong, Tha-thong Thong Thong Thong

Ah, the Whale Tail.
No VPL? No problem. I want everyone to know I’m this fashion savvy. It’s not enough that you can’t see my panty line, I need to prove I’m wearing a thong.

Super Thin Eyebrows

what you think you look like with skinny eyebrows…

…what you really look like with skinny eyebrows.

And last but not least, these:
Timberland High Heel Boots. For the Sexy Construction Site.

Everything comes back around anyway. But I vow here, on the internets, that I will never be caught with any of the above (again).
(I never wore those <—– just to be clear)

Tell me what else should be on this list.

Photos: Photopin


9 thoughts on “5 Hideous Things I Pray Never Come Back (?) in Fashion *updated*

  1. Thanks for this entertaining list! So many things I want to add, although sadly many of these are still in fashion…the obvious ones being crocs and uggs. Also chewbacca boots. Sadly, there is plenty to draw from being in L.A.

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