Bad News For Toilet Squatters

(I’m so weirded out by this photo I had to use it. Is she squatting in the corner?)

Big news today for your pelvic floor. Apparently, squatting over the toilet seat isn’t just bad for the person who gets to sit in your pee after you go. The Today show reveals (yes, I was watching while I did last nights dishes, that’s how I roll) that the squatting position inhibits complete bladder drainage and puts you at risk for UTI’s. Which are almost as horrible as sitting in someone else’s pee.

I’m pretty sure that most adult women are aware they won’t get pregnant from a toilet seat. I hope. Neither will they get HIV, or any other sexually transmitted disease. And I get that having to use a toilet that flushes with free and potable water might seem a terrible First World Problem¬† but the seat is the least of your worries.The floor, faucets and the door handle are all proven exponentially more germ laden than the poor old throne. And according to (ironic?) “using your local ATM is like sticking your hand in a public toilet.” Food for thought.

So stop peeing on the seat already! If you really want to strengthen your thighs, do some lunges on the way back to your table/bar stool. Put a toilet seat protector down, or some TP.¬† Or if you’re really anal try these Travel Toilet Seat Covers.¬† They’ll fit in any sized purse!

Just sayin’

For more First World Problems visit quickmeme. Make your own!


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