Sunday Night Cous Cous with Mint and a Considerable Amount of Wine (For me)

After a long weekend with the Outlaws, arriving home Sunday night all I wanted was a syringe full of heroin. Alas, I chose not for a life of opiate addiction, so I pulled everything out of the fridge that wasn’t brown and tried to pay homage to one of my favorite dishes on earth: Cafe Gitane‘s Moroccan couscous.

Also, there’s a bottle of wine here I intend to fully utilize on the journey. And some Port. And if shit gets really dire, a half bottle of vermouth.

(It needs a little color, but like I said, it’s made from the contents of my pantry. And I used all the roasted red peppers on the Cauliflower dish).

Couscous is about the most fool-proof thing you can cook. It’s a 1:1 ratio of dry couscous to water or broth, adding the couscous when the liquid is boiling. Take off heat, wait five minutes and fluff.

Before that step though, tonight I sautéed:

Red Onion
Pine nuts
Purple heirloom peppers
Mint (loads of mint)
Garbanzo beans
BUTTER (It’s Sunday and see first sentence re: heroin)
Olive oil
(Also added but not entirely necessary: Turmeric, Sumac, Cumin and Chill Flake. Added before broth. Up to you)

I just use water, because butter is the flavor of the gods (next to bacon) and chicken stock is more often than not kinda gross. Unless you make it yourself. When it’s delicious.

This is what everything looked like in the pan.

The wine is delicious, FYI.

And this is after adding the couscous and five minutes standing off the heat.

I made a mint and chive oil to drizzle around the bottom of the couscous like Cafe Gitane. I pureed fresh mint, parsley, chive, scallion and lemon juice with olive oil and salt and pepper.  But I think there might be less wine and more science and empirical experience in the making of theirs. It still tastes really good though.

Top with hummus and Bob’s Your Sunday Night!!!

And now for the Port.
And maybe the vermouth.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Cous Cous with Mint and a Considerable Amount of Wine (For me)

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