On Lip Gloss, Argan Oil and Quantum Mechanics

Ignoring that my hands looks like sausages, this lip-shit is the bomb. And quantum mechanics is, like, so easy,

I have been a fan of Argan oil since buying my first, really smelly bottle in Morocco. And it was expensive. Even with the haggling.

Now I use Josie Maran’s Argan line when I can. Amen to her sunscreen. And her basic mission statement. (Please read link with humor).

Then, two days ago I bought the “Liquid Gold High Gloss Lip Quench” and I forgot my ten-year plus romance with Khiels Lipbalm #1. That’s a big breakup. We even made it through my affair with Rosebud Salve. There was even a time when I got really messed up and used Vaseline.┬áBut Khiels and I really stuck through it.

Until now.

This lip-shit is thick like honey, but tasteless so you’re not tempted to eat it (like when I use coconut oil, which tastes like Almond Joy). It withstands smacking ones lips together excessively in order to distribute evenly.

And it’s really pretty. And I haven’t picked at my lips until they bled since I bought it. Now, that’s a sexy sales pitch.


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