Kale, Dill and White Bean Soup (Vegan Option) to Make You Feel Better About All You Will Eat and Drink This Weekend

Let’s start here by saying I believe bacon is a vegetable. And nothing you do on the weekend counts toward your overall health.

But during the week, and especially at this time of year with loads of great veggies around, I pretty much go vegan. A dash of yogurt here, or a lil’ bit of feta, but it’s all plant-based.

We overdid it a touch in D.C. the last two days (Sweetbreads? Check. Duck Confit? Check. Foie Gras? Of course). So today I stuffed Kale into my shopping basket until people were staring at me strangely at the grocery store.
Tonight I made a Kale and White Bean soup. I know it’s played out, but it’s freaking delicious and perfect for a fall evening. I made a vegan version but you can add loads of extra little dairy delicousnesseseses if you choose. I will add the options as I go.

Les Ingredients:

1 Medium onion, yellow
1/2 Red Onion
2 Cloves Garlic (or more or less)
Bay leaf
Dried Chill
Kale (Loads)
3 Cups of water (Or chicken or veggie stock)
Juice of 1 Lemon
White beans (equivalent to two cans. You can soak your own, but you’re on your own with that)
(Optional: a potato, cubed and added to the mix)
Olive Oil. Up to you. 1 Tbsp, 2 Tbsp, 1/2 a gallon, up to you.
White Wine!!!!!!!!!! About 1/5th of a bottle. The rest is for you.

Chop onion and garlic into little cubes. Size is depending on your knife skills.
Heat heavy bottom pan (or whatever). When hot add oil/butter.
Add onion, then after a minute or two, garlic. Throw in bay leaf and chilli.
Saute til everything soft and translucent.

ADD WINE! Let it evaporate a bit. Smells good?

Now add your beanz.

Warm up the beans a bit. Add juice of half a lemon.
Strip the kale off the stalks. Then chop roughly. Add Kale to pot.

Add water (or stock)
Chop dill.
Slice red onions. Add both.
Salt and Pepper to taste.

Here you can add a Parmesan cheese rind. I keep them in the freezer.

Bring to boil then reduce to low simmer. Put on that lid.

In about 45 minutes you can throw in some fresh kale and a handful of extra dill. Cook until the new kale softens. Add other half of lemon juice.


If you are so inclined drizzle some good olive oil on top when you serve it. Or greek yogurt, grated parmesan, feta etc.

Then tomorrow you can get started on your weekend bacchanal knowing you’ve done something good for yourself.


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