Wearing Menswear in Washington (D.C.)

What else do you wear to meet the President? Sparkly Oxford’s and skin-tight black pants of course! (Skin tight because they didn’t have my size so I just bought the nearest pair I could pull on). I also plan on wearing a shirt.

What? I’m not really going to meet the president? But I’m only here for a day!
What else can I do in the nation’s capital?

I was here last year and did all the sightseeing stuff. It was really hot. Today should be a very civilized 70 degree day, perfect for strolling.

I am really hoping to find the golden unicorn thrift store filled with Jackie Kennedy’s cocktail dresses for $1.99. Or a red, white and blue hotdog.

Anywhere you would recommend to eat/drink/see here?

Pants: H&M (I swear I own pants not made by H&M
Shoes: errrrr, they came from my local PayHalf.
Carpet: Hotel’s own.


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