Get Busy, Then Get Busy…Cleaning.

rubber gloves

rubber gloves (Photo credit: Piccadilly Pink)

Apparently galz, we need to be getting the blood pumping before we scrub the toilet. And by blood pumping, I mean to your vagina. A new study has shown that women in a state of arousal find things less disgusting.

So a sweaty, possibly smelly body laboring in very close proximity to ones own can be overlooked when the oven is hot. (Sorry about that one, I’m just a fan of the women are ovens, men are microwaves cliche).  “Women [who] were sexually aroused were more willing to touch and do initially disgusting tasks,” says the Nordic study.

The study goes on to talk about evolutionary reasons for this discovery, which seem a bit conflicting. So women disgust sexually more easily, yet can overlook said disgust when aroused? Or you could just use alcohol.

Read the whole article here: huffpo


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